Al-Noor Subscriber Form
Salaam everyone if you are interested in becoming a subscriber of Al-Noor please make a monthly direct debit donation of £10 into the Al-Noor account and fill out the form below.
It will help us to share with you the benefits you get once you become a subscriber and we can look into keeping some of the events free for the benefit of our community.
If you are already a subscriber please do provide us with your details so benefits like discounts from the businesses of the community and other info can be shared with you and if you have a business, becoming a subscriber will give you the opportunity to advertise and help your business grow using the Al-Noor platform. Information about Al-Noor is on the Al-Noor website but please be mindful of the fact that a new website and changes will be coming soon.
Al Noor bank details:
Al-Noor Institute
Sort code: 20-24-61
Account: 30858579

Please add ‘GiftAid’ to your regular subscription.

We will provide you with a subscriber ID number once the payment is in place.

Feel free to get in touch with one of the trustees or Volunteers if you have any questions.

Yours Sincerely,
Al-Noor Institute.

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